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A must-read for enterpreneurs and business leaders of micro, small, medium, and start-up enterprises

  • Why do some entrepreneurs excel in business, while a vast majority struggle?

    Jimmy George drawing from his four decades of association, in different roles, with a number of small, medium and large enterprises from diverse industries offers fresh ideas and practical solutions to a serious entrepreneur / business leader to take his or her venture to a path of excellence.

    Successful entrepreneurs carry a high level of clarity about the key factors of business success. On the other hand, those with lower levels of clarity get a few success factors right but miss many critical ones partially or fully. This causes a perpetual imbalance in the management of the business leading to stunted performance.

    As a compendium of clarities concerning business success, the book can benefit anyone associated with business management.

    It carries many unique value propositions for the reader.

    25 foundational clarities for business success can be helpful for an existing as well as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    A new business leadership model based on the Three Engines of Business Excellence can be a path-breaking idea for those thinking of a change in the existing ways of management.

    A special chapter on How to Select the Right Brand/Business Name can give fresh insights to make business leaders rethink their approaches towards name selection.

    Relationship Management in Family Enterprises is a very special chapter with probable solutions for conflicts involving parents and children, siblings, other family members, relatives and partners.

    Every chapter should give the reader a few insights towards one of the following action points:

    • to strengthen what is being done well currently,
    • to stop or correct what is being done wrongly,
    • to start what is not being done but required to be done.

    Following every idea, suggestion or strategy recommended, this simple 3S change model – Strengthen, Stop, Start – is the unwritten second message.

    The book, in short, is a treasure of practical ideas, solutions, strategies, checklists, points of introspection, and plans of execution for anyone serious of winning in business.


Dear Entrepreneurs,

Are you facing any of these challenges:




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Business Consultant, Entrepreneur Coach, Organization Development and Transformation(ODT) Specialist, Writer, Teacher, Coach, Trainer and Mentor for business leaders and their managers with a successful track record of more than three decades.

Since 1984, based in Mumbai, I have been working with entrepreneurs of diverse enterprises and industries in India. Currently I operate both from Mumbai and Kochi. 

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